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Sirius microSystems believes strongly in education. This page includes some really introductory microcontroller information for beginners as well as code snippets that might be useful to the more intermediate PICmicro hobbyist. While the project information that we provide is specific to the PICmicro family, other microcontrollers operate similarly enough that some of the information may be of use to you, even if you don't use a PICmicro. Enjoy!

PICmicro Project Pages

Basic Oscillator and Reset Circuit (B1.pdf 107kB)

When you make your very first PICmicro circuit, you'll need an oscillator circuit to get things running. A reset circuit is useful to restart your program, too! This project sheet shows you how to build both.

Connecting LEDs to PICmicro I/O Pins (B2.pdf 185kB)

Yes, flashing lights definitely add fun to your circuits! This project sheet shows you how to connect LEDs to the PICmicro I/O pins. Includes printed circuit board layout, parts list and example assembly source code.

Code Examples

Table Read Code

Software tables provide a great way to look up values, make decisions, and change the direction of program flow. There's only one problem--a memory page boundary. This project sheet explains memory page boundaries and how to read through them.

R/C Servo Control Code

R/C hobby servos provide a powerful, inexpensive and reliable way to make things move. This project sheet demonstrates how to connect servos to a PICmicro and provides a simple subroutine to make the servo move.

Multiplication and Division Subroutines

Addition and subtraction commands are part of PICmicro assembly code. But, multiplication and division requires a bit of work. This project sheet includes a math subroutine library that does 8-bit multiplication and division.

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